Stryker 5051 Stretcher


Stryker’s versatile 5051 Eye Surgery Stretcher Chair offers multiple position options for superior versatility.  The chair’s easy positioning from horizontal (0 degrees) to chair (90 degrees) position helps achieve superior clinical performance and patient comfort.  Ideal for surgery centers and small spaces, this compact Eye Surgery Stretcher Chair maximizes patient throughput.  It is safe do to its dual hydraulic jacks and central-locking, steel brake rings to optimize stability.  Also, the foot section can be move dependently or independently of the backrest.  Its dual articulation and the enhanced-clearance headpiece enable the unit to be configured from chair position to a fully supine position for optimum surgical positioning.

Standard Features:

  • 6” (15 cm) casters
  • 24” (61 cm) X 74” (188 cm) patient surface
  • Dual-articulation, enhanced-clearance headpiece
  • Adjustable height footrest
  • Dual cylinder pneumatic backrest
  • Dual pedestal hydraulics
  • Four IV receptacles
  • Four-wheel, steel-ring brakes with dual-side activators
  • Hands-free Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg
  • Swing-down siderails with comfort armrests
  • Thermoformed ABS hood with integrated storage tray and oxygen bottle holder
  • Multi-position pushbar
  • Independent foot section
  • 400 lb. (182 kg) weight capacity

Optional Features: 

  • Tethered or standard removable IV poles
  • Integrated IV pole holder
  • Restraint straps
  • Adjustable arm board and clamp (surgery accessory rail required)
  • Surgery accessory rail (not available with patient transfer siderails)
  • Air delivery system/drape support
  • Temporal or superior wristrest


  • Overall Length: 76 in (193 cm)
  • Width (Overall): 30 in (76 cm)
  • Width (Litter): 27.5 in (70 cm)
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs (182 kg)
  • Patient Surface: 24 x 74 in (61 x 188 cm)
  • Siderails: 10 x 31 in (25 x 79 cm)
  • Caster Diameter: 6 in (15 cm)