Stryker 1188 HD Video Endoscopy System

Stryker 1188 HD Video Endoscopy System



Stryker continues to pioneer advancements in minimally invasive surgery with the introduction of its 2nd generation high-definition camera, the 1188 HD 3-Chip Camera. This innovative camera offers outstanding picture quality, enhanced clarity, more intuitive user controls, and can be steam sterilized for quick turnaround and better OR efficiency.

Stryker 1188 Endoscopic Camera System Features:

  • High-definition video with 1280 x 1024 native output.
  • Dual Aspect Ratio: HDTV and HD.
  • Laser welded titanium seal design.
  • Progressive-scan technology.
  • 10-bit digital processing provides optimal clarity.
  • Direct fiber optical outputs.
  • Increased intra-operative brightness offers improved resolution.
  • Nine specialty settings aid surgical standardization.
  • Four programmable buttons for easy control.
  • Seamless integration suits existing video equipment.