Pentax EPM-3300 Endoscopy System

Pentax EPM-3300 Endoscopy System



Pentax EPM 3300 Video Processor Specifications

  • High-resolution image with 1 billion colours through digital processing of the RGB signals with 10-bit depth of shade per channel.
  • Precisely differentiated colour reproduction and digitally controllable contour enhancement for optimum optical evaluation possibilities.
  • Superb illumination with high-performance Xenon light source and digital brightness control.
  • Easy and intuitive data management for rapid storage and management of patient and user data.
  • Extensive possible connections for peripheral equipment.
  • Individual monitor conīŦguration options.

The average Pentax EPM 3300 Endoscopy System has:

  • Pentax EPM-3300 Processor
  • Xenon Light Source
  • Video Gastroscope
  • Video Colonoscope
  • High Resolution Monitor