Olympus ENF-T3 fiber rhinolaryngoscope

Olympus ENF-T3 fiber rhinolaryngoscope



The Olympus ENF-T3 rhino-laryngo fiberscope features a generous working channel and a thin outer diameter, making it ideally suited for therapeutic interventions, such as biopsy, aspiration, and removal of foreign bodies. Its slim outer diameter allows applications to be performed under local anesthesia, and its long 365 mm working length can reach difficult-to-access areas for biopsy.

Key Benefits

  • Superior access: With a tip angulation range of 130° up and down along with superior optics, the ENF-T3 provides good visual access, and the 365 mm working length enables biopsies even in difficult-to-access regions.
  • Therapeutic capabilities: With a 2.2 mm working channel, the scope can accommodate a wide range of endoscopic devices for therapeutic interventions.